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Ransomware in Healthcare – Strategies for Protecting the Enterprise – Part Two

By Mitch Parker

Academic Healthcare CISO

In this three-part series, Academic Healthcare CISO Mitch Parker shares his insights on ransomware, incident response and best practices for building a world-class prevention program. Read part one.

As a preamble to this list of key considerations and best practices, let me first say that all organizations should plan to be attacked.  While there may be many solutions in the marketplace that claim to stop ransomware, eventually they will fail.  There will always be an exception to the rule that will make it past your defenses and cause damage. 

You need to be able to react, and not point the finger at a product for not protecting your network.  You need to have Defense in Depth and comprehensive incident response and downtime plans for addressing your HIPAA/HITECH and Joint Commission requirements.  Neither a solution nor a one-page document claiming the solution protections will satisfy these requirements.

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Beyond Security and Privacy...A CISO's Influence on the Ethical Use of Data

By Bob Turner 

University of Wisconsin-Madison CISO

The University of Wisconsin (UW) – Madison is the flagship campus in the UW System and a major research institution in a state with open record statutes that respect privacy while insisting on accountability.  

Institutions within the UW System live by the Wisconsin Idea – the notion that what we learn and discover should be applied to solve problems and improve health, quality of life, the environment, and agriculture for all citizens of the state… and beyond. 

This occasionally creates the need to really know where the important data is stored and a deep understanding of how that data is supposed to be managed.

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Tufin's Reuven Harrison Speaks with Security Current on Hybrid Cloud Environments, Security Policy Automation and Orchestration

Harrison, CTO and Co-founder, is interviewed by David Cass, IBM Global CISO Cloud and SaaS

In this conversation, CISO David Cass and CTO Reuven Harrison discuss the journey to the cloud. They talk about increasing enterprise cloud adoption and hybrid environments. They also discuss the associated demand for automation of network security policy implementation across these hybrid cloud infrastructures.

In this sponsored podcast, you’ll hear how it is important to maintain business agility while securing applications in these increasingly diverse and complex networks.

You’ll also learn how automation and orchestration help ensure visibility and control across heterogeneous networks.  

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Will Corporate Security Models Move Toward the EDU Security Model?

By Randy Marchany

Global Media and Advertising CISO

No network is impenetrable, a reality that business executives and security professionals alike must accept. The traditional perimeter focused approach to cybersecurity has often failed to prevent intrusions, especially in an application-focused paradigm.

While prevention is crucial, timely incident detection of anomalous behaviors for data ex-filtration are key. Continuous monitoring assumes the attackers are already inside of the network and using the right tools, data, and strategies to interrupt the attackers communication channels are needed to mount a successful breach. 

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The Human Element of Incident Response - Part One

By Vanessa Pegueros
DocuSign Chief Information Security Officer

There is an extraordinary amount of money and time spent on detection and response relative to cybersecurity, and much of this conversation is technology focused. In this series of articles, DocuSign CISO Vanessa Pegueros explores a different aspect of incident response — the human being. She asserts that people ultimately orchestrate incident response and the care and development of employees should be at least as important as the development of technology, and she offers items to consider relative to developing the human elements of incident response.

Part One - Introducing Trauma as a Security Concept

It seems the weekly breach announcement has become as common, yet far less interesting than the latest episode of your favorite Netflix or HBO series.  Breaches are no longer exciting news and individuals seem resigned to the fact that they will be getting a new credit card issued to them due to a security issue at least once or twice a year.

I recently began to consider why we seem to accept a level of numbness around this seemingly intractable problem.  I was concurrently doing research on trauma and how it impacts humans as well as the techniques to help people recover from their trauma.  Numbness happens to be an effect of trauma, which led me to connect two very different worlds: the world of trauma and the impacts of cyberattacks on organizations. 

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10 CISOs Say Cyber Insurance is Growing and Evolving, but Adoption Comes with Caveats

Ten CISOs from across industries share insight on the future of cyber insurance and tips for success.

10 CISOs Say Passwords are Failing and Must be Augmented or Supplanted

Ten CISOs from across industries weigh in on the effectiveness of passwords, with most predicting that the days are numbered for the password as the sole authentication method.

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A CISOs Guide to Principles of Data Privacy and Security
By David Sheidlower


AlienVault's Barmak Meftah Speaks with Security Current on Threat Detecion and Response

Meftah, President and CEO, is interviewed by John Masserini, CSO MIAX Options

In this conversation, MIAX Options CSO John Masserini discusses the threat detection and response space with AlienVault President and CEO Barmak Meftah.

An early adopter of threat intelligence, Masserini notes its challenges and asks Meftah what AlienVault is seeing in the market and how threat intelligence is being integrated into companies’ security organizations.

Meftah describes AlienVault’s crowdsourcing approach and how it is helping SMBs centralize and simplify their threat detection and response. They were speaking in this sponsored podcast at the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas.

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