February 23, 2017

Security Current, the premier information and collaboration community by CISOs for CISOs, named ROMAD Cyber Systems the winner of its Security Shark Tank® during RSA Conference 2017. Held in San Francisco on February 14, 2017 at the Four Seasons Hotel, the event brought security solution providers face-to-face with potential buyers.

Participating vendors were given 15 minutes each to pitch their solution to the panel of information security executives interested in innovative technologies. The executives scored each vendor based on innovation and vision, ease of use and implementation, value to the industry, and the presenter’s ability to clearly and effectively articulate the value and differentiator.

February 23, 2017

By Mark Rasch
Attorney and Cybersecurity Expert

It sounds like a classic law school exam question.  A border patrol agent in the United States, without adequate provocation or justification, fires a shot across the Mexican border, hitting an innocent Mexican teenager in the head – killing him.  

Does the family of the deceased have any recourse in the US courts, specifically under the Fourth and Fifth Amendments through the unjustified use of deadly physical force?  That’s what the Supreme Court will decide after oral argument on February 21, in a case called Hernandez v. Mesa

January 31, 2017

By Mark Rasch
Attorney and Cybersecurity Expert

President Trump is slated to issue two Executive Orders this week which may relate to the ability of the nation to defend itself (and its critical infrastructure) from potential cyberattacks.  The first is the President’s Executive order on cybersecurity.  The second is the Executive Order on Regulatio.  It may be that these orders work contrary to each other in practice.  We will have to wait and see.

January 6, 2017

By Mark Rasch
Attorney and Cybersecurity Expert

For the Internet of Things (IoT) to be useful, some sensing device has to collect data, and transmit that data over the Internet (typically) to a cloud server (typically) that will store and analyze that data and allow the user to see that data, and/or use the data to effect some change in the device or user behavior.  That’s a simplified and over broad description of the IoT. 

December 21, 2016

Seventy-four CISOs Across Industries and Regions Take Part

Security Current today announced the release of its inaugural CISO salary survey.  The first annual survey revealed that the average CISO salary in the United States was $273,033. The survey included responses from 74 CISOs or CISO equivalents within a cross section of industries. Salaries included bonuses.

The survey found CISOs in the West earned the highest salaries with an average of $290,750 with the North not far behind at $284,600 followed by the Midwest at $278,654 and the South at $199,975.

December 13, 2016

CISOs Investigate: UBA serves as a peer-driven buyers guide for security professionals

Security Current today announced the release of its CISO-authored research report, CISOs Investigate: User Behavior Analytics (UBA). The first in an ongoing series, this report offers security leaders real-world insights as they make business-driven technology decisions

CISOs Investigate: UBA includes contributions from security leaders who have deployed or are looking to deploy third-party solutions. The report replaces the ad hoc, often informal and time-consuming processes of personally gathering peer insight. Spanning verticals, the CISO contributors share first-hand use cases and provide guidance to peers.

November 18, 2016

By Mark Rasch
Attorney and Cybersecurity Expert

The U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee held hearings on November 16, 2016  on security of Internet of Things in the wake of the massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks perpetrated against certain network DNS servers via a host of unsecured IoT devices.  So, what’s a government to do?

November 15, 2016

By Mark Rasch
Attorney and Cybersecurity Expert

If a tree falls in the forest and there is nobody there to hear it, does it make a sound?? If a company has a data security event exposing sensitive data, but nobody is harmed by the exposure, is it a violation of the law?  A recent case from a federal appeals court in Atlanta LabMD v. FTC. suggests not. 

There are two kinds of companies in this world.  Those who know they have suffered some kind of data breach or security incident, and those who don’t know that they have had the breach. 

November 15, 2016

IT Entrepreneur and Herjavec Group Founder & CEO to Moderate Rapid-fire Q&A Between CISOs and Security Vendors During RSA Conference 2017

Security Current today announced that Robert Herjavec, dynamic IT entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of leading global MSSP Herjavec Group, will serve as the host and moderator for Security Current’s signature event, the Security Shark Tank. The event will take place February 14, 2017 in San Francisco during the week of RSA Conference 2017.

Security Shark Tank events give five innovative security solutions providers each 15-minutes to engage in a rapid-fire Q&A with a panel of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). The executive buyers evaluate the solutions based on innovation, ease of implementation and value to the enterprise.

September 27, 2016

By Aimee Rhodes

Aqua Security has announced that it closed $9 million in a Series A round led by Microsoft Ventures with participation from existing seed investors TLV Partners and Check Point co-founder Shlomo Kramer, bringing the total investment in the secure virtual container company to $13.5 million.

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