James Beeson - GE Capital Americas CISO

January 6, 2016

About James Beeson:

James has over 26 years of experience in information technology in a variety of leadership roles.  He has 15 years of direct experience as an information security leader and is currently the Chief Information Security Officer at GE Capital Americas and the Information Security Divestiture Leader for GE Capital.  

James has worked for General Electric over 18 Years and currently has accountability for a GE Capital business that generates over $2 Billion dollars of net income on $100 Billion dollars in assets.

He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC), and also Six Sigma Quality certified. 

Rank your top three concerns for 2016:

1) Access Control

2) Insider Threats

3) Application Security

Why/how did you get into InfoSec?

Moved from the CTO (Production & Infrastructure support) position in 2000 because I was given the opportunity to build out an information security program from scratch. At that time, GE did not have a formal program and the CIO asked each of the big business units to collaborate and build out a global program.

What do you see as the top three industry issues for 2016?

1) Shortage of trained security resources

2) Industry consolidation - M&A activity driving a lot of variation in technology and process

3) Lack of focus on product security (Internet of Things)

What technology do you think will be hot for 2016?

1) Software Defined Network

2) Video/Picture analytics software

What advice would you give to security startups?

Small steps (MVP approach).  Fail fast and cheap.  Focus on SMBs rather than engaging with big companies first. They are in desperate need of your help and won’t completely takeover your strategy and approach.

Personal interests:

I keep my security job to support my music career :) I have played drums for about 40 years and currently play in local band called “Bad Habit,” which is focused on Blues, Southern and Classic Rock.  We play local parties, pubs - that type of venue.

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