Articles by Larry Whiteside Jr

December 23, 2014

By Larry Whiteside Jr.

Sony, Sony, Sony. Do you even realize what has just happened to you? Can you even comprehend the ripple effect this event will have not just on your industry, but everywhere?

So to begin with, let's not dig into what happened or who did it. Primarily because there is still an open investigation happening and unlike others, I refuse to speculate. Who did it is not really important from my perspective. 

August 21, 2014

By Larry Whiteside Jr.

Recently I have begun to think about the strengths that make a good CISO. Some of those include technical understanding, business acumen, strategic vision, collaborative mindset, risk management mindset, and probably many others that I missed.

The Human Factor: Gain new insight into the ways attackers exploit end-users' psychology​​

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